Warmth on the Road

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【1】 Feilong Group Condolences Retirees from Qianqikuang Community
On the morning of January 16th, there was a bustle of people and laughter in front of the Qianqikuang Community Neighborhood Committee. Retired residents who came to receive New Year's benefits formed a long queue in the front row of the neighborhood committee early in the morning.
In order to make the 550 retired residents of the former Qikuang community happy and have a good year, the Group continued more than 20 years of warmth and care, and purchased 5500kg of rice and 2750kg of Luhua Peanut oil with a total value of 115000 yuan as promised, sending New Year's greetings to 550 retired residents.
The group staff and the staff of the former Qikuang Community Neighborhood Committee are responsible for on-site distribution. Throughout the morning, a continuous stream of residents came to receive love benefits, with happy smiles on everyone's faces. The entire distribution site is filled with a strong New Year atmosphere.
【2】 Feilong Group's condolences to Endian School
On the morning of January 17th, the warm care of the group company continued to move forward. At 10 o'clock in the morning, three staff members of the Group delivered 40 kg of Peanut oil, 80 kg of rice and 80 kg of white flour to Grace School in Laishan District. President Hu, who received holiday condolences, repeatedly expressed gratitude, saying, "Thank you for the attention of society and the love of enterprises. Grace School is a special school that provides assistance for children with autism, intellectual disabilities, and other special situations. We hope that more caring people will come into the school to give a warm hug to children with autism