The group has once again distributed education funds to Wandi Middle School

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On September 1st, the "Flying Dragon Education Award Fund" award ceremony for the 2014-2015 academic year and the opening ceremony of the new academic year were held at Laiyang Wandi Middle School. Song Mingzhi, Honorary Chairman of the Group, attended the award ceremony.

At the award ceremony, the chairman expressed heartfelt congratulations to the teachers and students who achieved excellent results, as well as his determination and desire to continue supporting the education of Wandi Middle School, which won applause from the teachers and students on site. The principal, on behalf of all teachers and students, expressed gratitude to Feilong Group, the town party committee and government, and the municipal education and sports bureau for their strong support and assistance, and proposed new goals and requirements to all teachers and students, which received unanimous approval from the attendees.

After the meeting, the chairman and all the teachers and students of the school held a friendly and friendly symposium in the staircase classroom of Mingzhi Building, sharing their entrepreneurial history and life experiences with everyone. During the interactive session, the chairman patiently answered the questions raised by teachers and students, and shared his own entrepreneurial experiences and lessons with everyone. The attendees benefited greatly.

The "Feilong Education Reward Fund" was established by the group company to reward teachers and students who have made outstanding contributions to education work at Wandi Middle School. This year, a total of 150000 yuan was distributed as an education reward fund, rewarding 158 teachers and students. This is the second time the group company has distributed this reward fund since last year. At present, a total of 270000 yuan has been distributed, with a total of 278 winners. The generous donations and selfless contributions of Feilong Group have received attention and support from all sectors of society. We believe that with the support of social forces, Wandi Middle School Education will become even more brilliant tomorrow.