Hotel Management

Hilton Huiting Hotel in Laishan District, Yantai is located at 301 Fenghuang Street, Laishan District, at the intersection of Fenghuang Street and Guanhai Road, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Yantai Municipal Government and many universities, with superior location, convenient transportation, and complete surrounding supporting service facilities and equipment. The hotel has 130 comfortable guest rooms with different styles. In addition to the most basic facilities, the rooms are also equipped with intelligent home equipment, mini refrigerators, exquisite kitchens, coffee machines, and microwaves. The gymnasium and laundry room are located on the 23rd floor of the hotel. Guests can enjoy the city landscape of Laishan District, which reflects the sea and the sky, while entertaining and exercising or cleaning clothes for free. At the same time, the hotel can undertake small and medium-sized conference activities, and has delicious and delicious food. The flexible and modern layout of the self-service restaurant will also make you linger and forget to leave.

Yantai Laishan Hilton Huiting Hotel has cast the essence of the hotel management group's product design into the hotel products, meeting the different needs of guests through a dynamic and intelligent brand concept and forward-looking design. The hotel style is compatible with modernity and fun, while maintaining functionality and comfort; The hotel's oasis lobby is designed with flexible and accessible multifunctional spaces, allowing guests to define different scenarios independently.