Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the spiritual core and temperament of a company, and it is the most enduring internal driving force for the company.
The development history of the enterprise is condensed and condensed, becoming the soul of the enterprise's culture.


★ Feilong Convention

Enterprise first, work first. Diligent and responsible, heaven and earth can learn from each other.
Unity and collaboration, active cooperation. Concentrate on the center and revitalize the enterprise.
Honest and diligent, striving for knowledge and progress. Show people virtue and set an example in their work.
People oriented, caring for employees. Optimize the combination and make the most of everyone's talents.
Don't be greedy for treasure, be cautious and self respecting. Being honest and upright, keeping a name in society.


★ Corporate Purpose

Revitalize enterprises and make Common prosperity


★ Corporate spirit

Work together and work hard


★ Team spirit

Diligent, honest, responsible, and efficient


★ Development philosophy

Red, Integrity, Responsibility, Humanity