Feilong Doors and Windows Appears at the "2023 China High Quality Residential Development Forum"

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From April 27th to 28th, the "2023 China High Quality Residential Development Forum" hosted by the China Real Estate Association was successfully held at Yantai Dongshan Hotel, and Feilong Doors and Windows Company, as an industry innovation model enterprise, was invited to attend the forum. The theme of this forum is "High quality residential and high-quality life", aiming to implement the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing", guide the industry to solve and eliminate common problems in residential quality, improve residential quality, and promote high-quality development of the real estate industry.

Liu Zhifeng, former vice minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, Chen Yiming, vice president of the China Real Estate Association, Jin Haoran, associate researcher of the Market Economy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Lin Borong, vice president of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, and other well-known domestic real estate experts and industry leaders respectively made comments on the "development direction of high-quality housing", "promoting high-quality development of the real estate industry" The theme of "Intelligent design and intelligent operation and maintenance technology of green low-carbon buildings" was shared, and we talked about high-quality housing and shared high-quality life.

At the forum, Chen Minjie, General Manager of Feilong Doors and Windows Company, gave a keynote speech on "Ultra Low Energy Consumption Doors and Windows Boost a Green and Low Carbon New Era" as a guest speaker. He had in-depth exchanges from multiple aspects such as intelligent manufacturing, technological innovation, and core product technology, sharing the research and application of passive ultra-low energy doors and windows in the construction field, as well as the development prospects and directions of high-quality residential buildings under the background of "dual carbon", Received strong resonance and high recognition from the attendees.

The next day, Vice Minister Liu Zhifeng led a team of over a hundred leaders and experts from various provincial and municipal associations to visit the high-quality residential Jintan Garden project of Feilong Group and the intelligent manufacturing factory of Feilong doors and windows. Song Jian, General Manager of Feilong Group, accompanied the tour. Minister Liu Zhifeng and his party gave full affirmation to Feilong Group's business philosophy of "insisting on being a Longtermism practitioner and taking responsibility for product quality and customer experience", as well as high-quality real estate projects and door and window products. They hoped Feilong Group would firmly grasp the new development opportunities, continue to create high-quality, high-value and high service smart and beautiful living quarters, and promote high-quality development of the real estate industry.