Song Yong, Chairman of Feilong Group, won the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur of Yantai in 2022"

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On the morning of May 17th, the "City 2022 Work Summary and Outstanding Entrepreneur Recognition Conference" was grandly held. Jiang Cheng, member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Yantai Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Zheng Deyan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, presided over the meeting. The conference commended 80 outstanding entrepreneurs in the city. Song Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Feilong Group, won the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur of Yantai in 2022".

The selection of outstanding entrepreneurs in Yantai in 2022 aims to implement the spirit of the provincial conference on accelerating the high-quality development of industrial economy, encourage entrepreneurs in the city to boost their spirit, innovate their achievements, make new contributions, and promote the work of the city to a new level.

For many years, Feilong Group has taken the mission of "revitalizing enterprises and Common prosperity", adhered to the brand concept of "winning the market with quality and seeking development with integrity", adhered to quality, forged ahead, and made positive contributions to the social and economic development of Yantai. In 2022, Feilong Group's output value reached a new historical high, and the research and development capabilities and project application capabilities of new building technologies such as prefabricated and ultra-low energy consumption significantly improved. The ultra-low energy passive doors and windows continued to innovate, intelligent manufacturing factories iterated and upgraded, the competitive advantage of the construction industry chain continued to strengthen, and the digital and green coordinated transformation and development.

In the future, with the care and support of governments at all levels in the urban area, Feilong Group will seize opportunities for green and low-carbon development, unite efforts, explore and innovate, promote enterprise transformation, upgrading, and high-quality development, and make due contributions to helping Yantai sprint towards the "trillion dollar city".