Feilong Group was commended at the Provincial Housing and Construction Work Conference

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On January 31st, the Shandong Provincial Housing and Urban Rural Construction Work Conference was held in Jinan. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work of the provincial housing construction system in the past five years and 2022, analyzed the situation, gathered consensus, and arranged for the deployment of key work tasks in the next five years, especially in 2023. At the meeting, Feilong Group, as the representative of the province's "Mount Taishan Cup" award-winning enterprises, took the stage to accept the commendation.

As the highest award for engineering quality in the construction industry of Shandong Province, the "Mount Taishan Cup" has always been an honor that Shandong builders have been striving for, as well as the "Magnolia Award" in Shanghai and the "Great Wall Cup" in Beijing. Last year, Feilong Group won the "Mount Taishan Cup Award for Engineering Construction in Shandong Province" for several engineering projects, such as "B1-B11 Residential Building in Zone B of Jintan Garden", "Laishan Central Primary School Teaching Building", "Yantai Vocational College Production Teaching Integration Engineering Training Base", "Yantai Tonghui Automobile Logistics Co., Ltd. Plant 1 # Plant" and so on.

For many years, Feilong Group has adhered to the concept of "winning the market with quality and seeking development with integrity", strictly implementing management in accordance with various standards, widely applying the "four new technologies", and effectively improving the engineering technology content and physical quality. In the future, Feilong Group will continue to inherit the spirit of excellence as a craftsman, work diligently, pursue excellence, and contribute more high-quality and benchmark projects to society.