Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Enters Feilong to Carry out Integrity Culture Observation and Police Enterprise Exchange Activities

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On May 19, Yantai Federation of Industry and Commerce went to Feilong Group to carry out the observation of enterprise integrity culture and the discussion and exchange between police and enterprises. Li Jingbo, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Qu Yuanke, Deputy Leader of the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Tang Pengfei, Member of the Party Group, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Liu Fengming, a fourth level researcher of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the President of the directly affiliated Chamber of Commerce, among more than 40 people, attended the observation. Song Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Feilong Group, and Song Jian, General Manager, accompanied the tour.

The observation group first visited the digital exhibition hall of Feilong Group's China Japan Korea Entrepreneurship Valley. The exhibition hall is an intelligent management and control platform built to adapt to the "new urban construction", according to the requirements of digital navigation and smart construction, with BIM5D+smart construction site as the carrier, and using BIM, Big data, AI, Internet of Things and other technologies, which leads the city in the field of digital construction. Next, the observation group visited the Feilong Intelligent Manufacturing Factory to learn about the intelligent processing of steel structures, doors and windows, and other products. At the Feilong Party Building Culture Exhibition Hall, we further learned about the group's development history, industrial layout, engineering construction, technological research and development, and Party building culture.

Subsequently, in the symposium, Chairman Song Yong warmly welcomed Chairman Li Jingbo and his delegation, and expressed gratitude for the long-term care and support of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce. Lv Changmei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Feilong Group, introduced the achievements of Feilong's integrity culture construction. Song Chengyan, Deputy General Manager of Feilong Group, introduced the China Japan South Korea Entrepreneurship Valley project. Qu Yuanke, Deputy Leader of the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, shared and answered questions on how to prevent legal risks in the operation of private enterprises.
Finally, Chairman Li Jingbo summarized his speech. Firstly, she fully recognizes the achievements made by the excellent private enterprises in the city, represented by Feilong Group; Secondly, put forward suggestions and requirements for private enterprises to operate in compliance with the law and with integrity. She hopes that the vast number of private enterprises in the city will enhance their legal awareness, prevent legal risks, and actively learn from integrity model enterprises such as Feilong Group; Enterprise leaders should learn and understand the law, enhance their sense of social responsibility, and enhance their integrity and innovation ability. At the same time, it is required that the leaders of each chamber of commerce lead by example, promote the spirit of selfless dedication, safeguard the interests of the chamber of commerce, play the role of a bridge and link, actively help enterprises solve practical difficulties, and promote the high-quality development of the private economy in the city.

Integrity is the lifeline of enterprise development, the core of enterprise production, operation, and management, and an important connotation of integrating into the corporate spirit. Since its establishment, Feilong Group has adhered to the integrity management philosophy of "abiding by contracts and valuing credit, relying on reputation for development", ensuring that the enterprise has entered a sustainable and healthy development track from small to large, from weak to strong, and has established a good reputation as a "credit Feilong" in the industry. Over the years, the group has won numerous honors such as "National Civilized Unit", "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "National Contract abiding and Credit Valuing Enterprise", "National Youth Civilization Number", and "Shandong Province Enterprise Credit Management Typical Enterprise".